“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

                                                                                                               – Gustave Flaubert

Travel to different countries is increasing every day with a basic human inclination of knowing about a new place, a new culture, and meeting new people. The best thing about travel is it connects people.

There's always been a fundamental question—why do indeed we travel to a new place? What do we exactly look for in a new place, in a new country while travelling? Over last several years, while discussing this particular point with travellers from various parts of India and from many countries across the globe, answers we found are so wide and so varied that at times those can be categorized from bizarre to ecstatic. People from other countries visit India for its history; for its unique socio-cultural juxtaposition of old and new; for end number of jaw-dropping monuments, forts, palaces. Some say they come to India to get the feel of "another world" where there's an underlying sense of bonding among all its apparent chaos--this is quite alien to them.

Let’s now see now the story of Indians who are travelling to overseas destinations. Primarily there are three drivers of such travel—(1) Business travel which predominates till now in numbers; (2) Leisure travel, number of which increasing Year-on-Year; and (3) Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR). The pleasant fact is leisure travel is growing in India. It has a very significant factor on its side. Unlike China, whose population is aging, India has a fast growing young population that creates potentiality of boosting international travel for several factors—education, job, and last but not least, leisure travel. There’s a growing section in Indian diaspora who intends to know more about the world by visiting places and, importantly, they can afford to do so because of their economic affluence and availability of fund to support. There’s another segment of Indian population—mostly retirees—who intends to see the world after a grueling working phase of life as professional.

So, finally, what motivates us, Indians, travel? Indian outbound travellers are hungry to engage with the world irrespective of how far they travel. Study shows that the highest ranking motivator for travel among Indian long haul travellers has been the desire to visit other countries to broaden knowledge, while sharing of discovery and sense of achievement are among the top three motivations for Indians. This is important both in terms of the human interaction Indian visitors are looking for but also the need for experiences and product that provides enrichment.

At TravBuddies, we thrive to be your best buddy in your quest of knowing unknown and meeting new cultures and people to broaden yourself.


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Australia :

“There’s nothing like Australia.” Can you think of a city having four seasons a day? No? Well - come to Melbourne and you will experience that. Are you a beach aficionado? No worries—then Gold Coast is certainly THE place for you. Surfers’ Paradise indeed is a paradise for beach lovers and adventure sport enthusiasts. Austral...Read More


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Bhutan :

Also known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ - travelling into the mystical country of Bhutan is a rare pleasure. Cut off from the outside world for thousands of years - the country is slowly and steadily starting to open its arms to visitors - offering them a rare experience to visit some of the most beautiful and most remote places of the worl...Read More


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Malaysia :

True to its tourism campaign tagline - Malaysia is a destination which represents Truly Asia flavor to global travellers. Generally being hot and humid as a country - Malaysia has not though any dearth of attractions. Starting from high-end shopping malls to wonderful combination of luxury and nature - all are in abundance in this country. You can con...Read More


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Nepal :

Nestled in the beautiful valleys of the majestic Himalayas - Nepal - once the popular Hippie hangout of 70s - offers one of the literal and figurative pinnacles of great outdoor destinations. Not only is the place today one of the emerging global markets - it is a country full of natural attractions as well as historically affluent anthropological testam...Read More

New Zealand

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New Zealand :

Be one of the firsts to say Good Morning to the world. Welcome to New Zealand. The history of this exquisitely beautiful island country started with the arrival of Māori - journeying in canoes from Hawaiki about 1 - 000 years ago. A Dutchman - Abel Tasman - was the first European to sight the country but it was the British who made New Zealand part of...Read More

Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka :

Sri Lanka - an Island in the Indian Ocean is located to the South of the Indian Subcontinent. The country is astonishingly varied. A length of 445 km and breadth of 225 km encompass beautiful tropical beaches - verdant vegetation - ancient monuments and a thousand delights to please all tastes. The relief features of the Island consist of a mountainous ma...Read More