58102-andaman.jpgTo experience wide variety of color blue in natural setting, Andaman is the place to travel. Nestled at the juncture of Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, this archipelago is one of the seven Union Territories of India and a major tourist attraction.

In early references of Andaman, the place has been interpreted and misinterpreted in many ways which are quite contradictory to each other. It once has been populated with indigenous groups, had been a secret raiding base of Malay pirates, and hence got named in old Tamil writings as Timaittivu: The Impure Island. Marco Polo referred to this group of islands as home of cannibals which is again an old time unverified story. Otherwise this place is tropical bliss and you can enjoy snow-white beaches dapped with blue sea, primeval forest cut by rivers, and a place to indulge in infantile laziness and happiness. Watersports are popular here as well as snorkeling; can experience abundance of coral colonies and silver sheets of flying fishes.

Andaman is one of the finest places where history and modern human settlement coexist amicably and with graceful diversity.

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