9323-bhutan.jpgAlso known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’, travelling into the mystical country of Bhutan is a rare pleasure. Cut off from the outside world for thousands of years, the country is slowly and steadily starting to open its arms to visitors, offering them a rare experience to visit some of the most beautiful and most remote places of the world. This deeply Buddhist land also enjoys the tag of being one of the most expensive countries of the world to visit. Though the cost is high, the visit is well worth the money, what with its choice of offering your own itinerary while staying in the most luxurious surroundings and enjoying your vacation king size.
On your Bhutan visit, experience some of the most unique and charming facets of this enigmatic country. Travel to Thimpu and get to meet modern day monks in impressive monasteries or climb on to the twisting steps of the legendary Tigers Nest Monastery perched 3000 feet above the stunning valley floor. If you are one of those looking for adventure bordering on the extreme edge, delve deeper into undiscovered corners of the country where you can bike to tiny villages, hike 3000 vertical feet to Chelila Pass or take up kayaking or rafting in Punakha. That’s not all. For those who just want to sit back and enjoy the moment, there are the character filled streets of Paro or the profound Himalayan landscapes that make you marvel Mother Nature’s colorful canvas. Take in the warm Bhutanese lifestyle when meeting and greeting the locals. The country of Bhutan is full of surprises. The monks here are not just saintly other worldly hermits, you will find more than one transcribing the ancient Buddhist texts into the latest technology computers or chatting on their high end mobile phones.
So, come to Bhutan and have a glimpse at an alternative way of living and the other-world vision that will show you what is truly important in your life.