80235-chennai.jpgThe bustling city of Chennai has been dubbed as the Cultural Capital of India in South. In recent years—during 2010 to 2012—Chennai became the most visited city of India by foreign travellers. The city offers many tourist attractions with its long sandy beaches, historical monuments, and numerous cultural hubs and centers.
The place has long history of attracting seafaring traders dated back more than 2000 years ago. Merchants from far of places like China, Greece, Rome and Babylon came here and local residents got mingled with these foreigners and their cultures quite well. It attracted all those traders because of its vantage position as a sea-port and the thriving spice market in the region. Alluring Chennai was such an attraction that two powerhouses of those days—the Dutch and the British—got into bitter rivalry for the control and they muscled out Portuguese in the process. The city of Chennai still bears the vestige of that past.
Once you get there, weather can be dampener since it’s almost always hot and humid there. But otherwise this fourth-largest city of India has much to treat your appetite of experiencing a part of India where you can hear one of the oldest languages of the world still in use. In near surroundings, Mahaballipuram and its sand temples are great crowd-charmers. Marina beach is well thronged by both domestic and foreign travellers. Though the city always wears a modest and humble look, it has one of the largest movie industries of the world.
While planning to visit South, Chennai is a very convenient gateway and it’s determined to charm you with all its glorious past with advancing modernity of recent years.