Johor Bahru

26995-malaysia_cover-image01_web.jpgTrue to its tourism campaign tagline, Malaysia is a destination which represents Truly Asia flavor to global travellers. Generally being hot and humid as a country, Malaysia has not though any dearth of attractions.

Starting from high-end shopping malls to wonderful combination of luxury and nature, all are in abundance in this country. You can consider roughing it out in Kenaboi Forest Reserve, not very far from bustling city of Kuala Lumpur—a mere distance of 85 km. sets these two places apart. At the altitude of 1462 mt. this is not a typical eco-destination you expect; it’s rather more challenging though the effort is worth it.

If you are an avid traveller who wishes to know a place more intricately by first-hand experience, indulge yourself a cycling city tour in Kuala Lumpur. In a way you can bring a parallel to your adventure like this with what you can have in a place like Amsterdam. You may wonder how. Kuala Lumpur now has a new attraction – a cycling tour of Kuala Lumpur’s heritage areas utilizing the original Dutch bicycle, no less, in the famous “oranje” color!

The country has fascinating beach destinations as well. We can take an amazing road trip on Federal Route 3 along the east coast of the country, and you will be passing scenic countryside, agricultural farms, and yonder, the azure blue of the South China Sea. Make a stop at Bachok at the edge of the sea where coconut trees sway peacefully in the breeze, and experience one of Malaysia’s best-kept secrets.

Visit Malaysia—Truly Asia!

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