77688-kerala.jpgThe whiff of Indian spices has drawn traders to the western coast of this subcontinent, especially toward Kerala for over 3000 years now. Welcome to the God’s Own Country!

Historically traders came to this lush green skinny stretch of land between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats for Indian spices and shining ivory and they came from almost everywhere—they were Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and Chinese. In many ways they left their permanent imprints on this particular state and on overall Indian history.

Kerala offers you a heady feeling once you step in—you may soak in 500 years of colonial history; tread your way through the famed backwater on a houseboat, handmade in the style of traditional rice barges; stroll around tea-plantation in Munnar, high in the green mountains of Kerala’s Western Ghats. There are enough opportunities to relax on sandy beautiful beaches located at Kovalam and Varkala—in fact Kovalam is one of the most famous Indian beach resorts. Get ready for a bird-watching tour in Kerala’s wild life sanctuaries. Elephant spotting is a great experience in Wayanad or Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. In spite of its long colonial history, Kerala still clings to its vibrant tradition in the form of Kathakali (a blend of religious play and dance), Kalarippayat (a gravity-defying martial art) and Theyyam (a trance-induced ritual).

Globally Kerala is synonymous to Ayurveda. It is one of the ancient places in India where the culture and traditions are still kept alive. The people of Kerala love to stay with nature and therefore one can find the most beautiful combination of human culture in row with natural beauty! One of the age-old traditions followed in India are Yoga and Ayurveda for a natural rejuvenation of mind body and soul. If you are looking for natural beauty and natural healing then Kerala is the best place. Come and pamper yourself in the lap of nature.

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