60259-mumbai.jpgIndia’s financial powerhouse, fashion capitol, and breeding ground of globally acclaimed film artists—yes, right you are. That’s Mumbai.

The capital city of Indian state Maharashtra, Mumbai, is an island connected by bridges to the mainland. It’s a big city—though not frantic or overwhelming—with full of dreamers and people aspiring for the sky. Mumbai has a history of inhabiting Kolifisherfolks as far back as 2nd century BC. Later Portuguese rulers conquered this place without any major contribution to it other than naming it as ‘BomBahai’. The place was developed as a major trading port when East India Company got the control of it. Since then Bombay had been transformed into a city in grand colonial style. It got rechristened as Mumbai in the year 1996—the original Marathi name derived from Goddess Mumba who was worshipped by early Koli residents of the place.

While in Mumbai, you will find unique blending of different cultures—predominantly, Hinduism, Islam, and Zoroastrian. The influence is evident in city’s tourism attractions as well. While visiting Elephanta Caves, you will be in awe by the imposing triple-headed Shiva sculpture. Parsi Tower of Silence (off-limit for sightseeing) will make you ponder about life, its uncertainty, and life-after-death; you may feel being philosophical.

During tour, not to miss India’s best restaurants located in Mumbai; at the same pay attention to stacking up your wardrobe while venturing around old bazaars and modern boutiques in the city. Mumbai has everything to offer to each and all.