Nestled in the beautiful valleys of the majestic Himalayas, Nepal, once the popular Hippie hangout of 70s, offers one of the literal and figurative pinnacles of great outdoor destinations. Not only is the place today one of the emerging global markets, it is a country full of natural attractions as well as historically affluent anthropological testaments that are both modern as well as adventurous. Considered to be one of the last remaining Hindu kingdoms of the world, the place continue to draw attention of the tourists from round the world with its sleepy foggy villages, emerald green forests and the modern upscale buildings of Kathmandu.
Even before the start of ‘Incredible India’ phenomenon, Nepal was one of the first countries in the subcontinent to offer life in the fast lane with its opulent casinos and markets full of imported goods. After going through dark tragic times that saw the bloody massacre of the revered royal family of the kingdom, this Himalayan abode is again gearing up to woo your interests back with various tourism related events and festivals.

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