29931-rajastan1.jpgHave you ever dreamt of riding an elephant? May be in a hunting spree or making a royal entry to an astounding palace as Your Majesty? Hunting is, of course, out of question but you can have a dream fulfilled while riding in to Amer Fort on elephant back. Interested? Come to Rajasthan in West India for an experience of lifetime.

The land of royals, Rajasthan, is the Indian state dotted with magnificent forts and palaces, twin symbols of power and hospitality, in almost every corner of the land and the state now is one of the most visited tourist destinations of India. Your visit to India cannot be completed unless you experience the touch of royalty here, existing even now.
The land of the maharajas once contained more than 20 princely states ruled by different royal lineages. Each ruler built forts to keep their subjects safe and to intimidate enemies; their palaces were to show off their riches and protect family members. Overall the stunning beauty and oozing might of these palaces and forts create a mind-boggling sensation among visitors

In modern India, the state of Rajasthan has opened up many of its incredibly beautiful royal buildings to visitors. Stay here and live life king size to your heart’s content. Palaces are well maintained to retain their old grandeur and the addition is all modern facilities which you expect from a star-category accommodation of modern time. You cannot ask more.

Rajasthan is full of many wonders and it’s rather obvious that all these forts and palaces are the major attractions to people from many countries.

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